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...So... I messed up with the original ad...
Sin… Crime, gambling, murder, drugs, bribes, assassinations.

You name it, Ryoko Owari Toshi deals in it daily.

There are many, many sides and stories within the “Green Walled” City. This story will be your own. As a samurai in the Emerald Empire, under Empress Iweko I’s rule you can choose your side and play your role. Choose between:

- A newly appointed Emerald Magistrate assigned to Ryoko Owari.
- A samurai citizen within the walls of Ryoko Owari.
- Part of the many crime cartels within Ryoko Owari.

The ideas and character concepts are endless. Who do you want to be?

The city alternately called the City of Lies, City of Stories, City of Green Walls, or the more popular shortened form, Ryoko Owari. Just on the edge of Unicorn/Scorpion territory. Control of the city changed hands several times over the years, but Ryoko Owari has always retained its reputation for being a hotbed of criminal activity, having many gambling dens, geisha houses and opium parlors. This game would seemingly feature a never ending revolving door of activity and intrigue.

All in all this will be an "open sandbox-type" game, meaning that the GM will be in charge of the setting and the main storyline. However he will have very little input on updates and interaction, as the PCs are free to do whatever. Players, not the GM, will be in charge of keeping the game active with posts and activity. The GM will just help the main storylines move along as needed.

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