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Hello potential player.

I'm tired of games recruiting and re-recruiting for weeks.
I'm hoping to run an Eberron game with a quick start-up.

Looking for 3-6 players that can post 1-2 times a day.
If you miss a day don't fret, I know a steady connection isn't guaranteed with comcast.
Work and life can get in the way, especially with recent global events.

If your not familiar with Eberron, its in wikipedia, but I'm making One Big Change.
The Sovereign Host will use mythological Greek Pantheon. Other pantheons are accepted if you want to be a foreigner as a cleric of Ra, go for it. Other religions of Eberron are the same. Any questions just PM me.

Party template: I'm leaving it up to the players, I'm open to a good or bad campaign.
Specify it in your character idea. Alignment is a quick and easy was to describe your personal code, but I don't rail-road by it.
If your characters actions are in accord of your characters personal code of behavior, or even in development of such code expect an XP bonus.

I will be quick to announce people wants on the direction and alignment of the game, its cool if you want to re-do or re-tool your character after the party-template has been decided.

Dragon-marks, crazy races, prophecy of legend, let your imagination run wild. 3.5 is pretty good at power equality, if its a problem we can adjust. Expansion material is all kosher, except psionics. Sorry.
I would like details on your characters past, present, and future goals. I do not want 3 pages of geek-fandom babel.
I have a job and read 3 news papers a day, I don't have that much time.
If I have questions I will ask, and of course your welcome to PM any questions or concerns.

Please post character Ideas In This thread. Open to others to see.
Do not roll Stats yet.
You can roll, or point buy. I will PM these details to players.
Right now I just want you Idea for the "application".
I will review the applications, but whoever is first to show real interest is accepted.
None of this due-date acceptance process. You want in? Post.
First 3-6 players that can dedicate to a game are in.
This will be a medium length game. Story will have Beginning, Middle, & End. No epic never-ending game here.
We will start at level 4.

We start in Sharn, your past description should describe up to the point you arrive in Sharn, and Why.

Awesome fun, hope to read your character Ideas.
-You friendly neighborhood GM.

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