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Superheroes. Supervillains. Their epic struggles across space and time. The legends that grow up about their deeds. The glory of fame or infamy through the ages. What more could any person wish for? Probably nothing seeing as how those sort of things are still barely out of the realm of fiction. It is surprisingly difficult to cheer for a man saving your life with arrows that turn into boxing gloves, or congratulate a scientist for inventing a serum granting the ability to turn any kind of plant into any other kind of plant.

Not that this stops people from trying to make the most of their talents, on either side of the legal system. YOU are one such person, trying to make do as best you can with what you have and hoping that you don't run into someone who wishes you ill and has a slightly more useful set of abilities on their side. Or at the least, a greater sense of panache and superior style when using them. Or a good team of lawyers for when that inevitable destruction of property case comes up...maybe I should shut up now, you aren't looking too happy about this.

This game is for more "offbeat" superheros. Superheros with powers, backgrounds or personalities that are different from the norm. This is a lighthearted game that is somewhat "campy". As such you are part of the Superhero Justice Society a team of superhereos. The villians will tend to use over-elaborate plans and "over the top" rhetoric. They will sometimes do evil simply because they are villians and that is what villians are supposed to do. Think of Snidely Whiplash or Dr. Evil. If you have "over the top" rhetoric and rather silly characters you want to use now is the time to use them. Have fun with it.

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