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Times are grim for many men, dwarves, and elves alike within the continent of Elthura. The once proud high elf empire of Carshana has suffered mightily in recent history, and is a shadow of its former glory. Its closest ally, the kingdom of Rulany, has suffered alongside them. United by the belief in a single god (though both doctrines are slightly different), the two had once dominated the continent as the Carshan-Rulan Alliance. Beset on all sides by vicious enemies, and weakened by plague and constant warfare, the two have been in sharp decline in the last few decades, both economically and militarily. Like rats abandoning a sinking ship, many nobles on the outer edges of both kingdoms have begun to defect and rebel, turning to heresy and consorting with the Alliance's enemies to save their own skins.

Like the two declining superpowers, life has been no better for its foes. Having suffered at the hands of the Carshany Alliance for over a century, they are eager to have vengeance upon their hated foes. But even the pagan kingdoms of men, wood elves, goblin tunnel-cities, orc clans, and rigid dwarves have suffered from the recent bought of plague, and have been hardened by constant raiding and battle.

Within Rulany, the nobility still manage to eke out lavish lifestyles. The Winds of Magic bestow their blessings on precious few; less than 1 in 500 can command these forces. Because of their rarity, spellcasters are collected by the nobility across Elthura, and are used to futher consolidate their power over their subjects. Magic cannot be spared in any form to aid the life of the common man, who must only watch its use from afar with envy. The masses are also firmly controlled through religion, the one thing that everyone must cling to in the desperate times. It has permeated essentially all aspects of life, be it the chapel in every village to the stranglehold on arcane magic. It is the only thing that gives the lower classes hope for the future; for the present is bleak and merciless.

But the legitimacy of all rulers within the troubled continent may soon come into question, for they are unable to answer their peoples’ religious inquiries. Despite the several differing faiths of each faction, they all recognize one unalterable fact: their gods have forsaken them. Some shard or essence of the gods must still exist, for the few blessed with a command of the Divine Winds still wield their awesome powers. But as long as it can be remembered, prayers have gone unanswered. Drought and famine are common, draconian law and human sacrifice prevails throughout the continent. Bitter folk drink their sorrows away in solemn taverns. Beyond civilization lurk only the foul and evil things of the world, for most creatures of good heart have been driven off or slain centuries ago. All cling to the hope that their god or gods shall be the one to return, the one to be the savior of its people from a dying world; and this breeds contempt among the different races, at least among the kings and clergy of all the different factions. Though religious culling has not occurred in decades, violence is rampant and hope is bleak, for why should this time be any different from the others before it?

This is the world that you know. Most of you have spent your lives in the heartlands of Rulany, the once-renown kingdom of men. A powerful duke, a man known as Romuald of Wolgast, has been ordered by the senile King Waldar IV to assist the northern frontier. Among other things, the outer lands of the kingdom have recently suffered increasingly large invasions at the hands of the Vostians, pagan men eager for bloodshed and loot. Your backgrounds are varied, though you have all come to serve Romuald himself, or you are a servant to one of his many vassals. You could also be a mercenary or auxiliary from several different factions; for the call to arms resounded throughout the duchy and beyond, and you flocked to the duke’s banner. But that was weeks ago, and the army has since marched hard towards the northern frontier, when it received a call for help from a nearby county by the name of Ingsbrook. Two thousand Vostians have been spotted encroaching upon the count’s lands. The resulting journey to Ings has been long, but battle will soon be joined; for the army has come within a day’s march of the village. It is the night before the battle….

Welcome. This is my first myth-weavers campaign, but we've all played together before. I enjoy giving graphic descriptions in combat, but this is not just a hack and slash. I'm giving you guys generous ability scores, but remember the golden rule:

roleplaying > roll playing

I would like a posting rate of about once a day, maybe quicker during the prologue. The prologue is an opportunity to practice your roleplaying, as I know some of you guys haven't done PbP before. It's also to help you get a better feel for the campaign setting.

House Rules:
-lvl. 1
-32 point buy system
-Sources: Core, All Completes. Anything else is unlikely to be accepted, but feel free to ask if it makes you feel better.
-Equipment: Special (I will post your equipment in your private threads)
-1 flaw is allowed. It has to be meaningful, at least influencing your dialogue in some way.
-I reserve the right to bend the rules to my iron will, and I also reserve the right to overturn a poor roll (such as diplomacy, bluff, ect.) if the roleplaying is exceptionally done.

-No psionics

-Someone should be able to track (and take the feat)

-I would also recommend taking Knowledge skills. You will need them for discovering certain types of information throughout the campaign, as well as being able to find out other bits of useful information. I'd recommend everyone take one at least, though this is by no means mandatory.

-I would appreciate it if you guys could write up some backgrounds for your characters. I've already discussed some details with some of you, and to those of you I haven't talked to, be sure to talk to me before you start writing stuff you need to talk to me about (pretty obvious). This is the general outline of writing up your character:
-Physical description
-How your character came to serve in Duke Romuald's army

This can be as brief or as detailed as you each prefer, but I'd appreciate at least a paragraph or so for each category (background might be a bit longer). A picture is optional, as is a theme song (with a youtube link to the song), but both make your characters even cooler.

Feel free to make up names and places with this set up, as well as to provide some possible plot hooks. Creating a world is an immensely huge task, but if you guys each throw in an idea here or a bit of lore there it goes a long way to fleshing the world out.

-You will receive a bonus feat from Forgotten Realms (p.33) based on the region you choose for your character. These will be listed in each races section of Lore.

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