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This is my first game on Mythweavers, but not my first game on Play-by-Post. I am currently DM'ing a bundle of games on a different forum website and I have a complete wealth of knowledge on gameplay. I am infamous for sandbox-style games, and this is one of them :D

The World of Arkhosia
What was first the last stand against the desert storm has now become a desolate ruin-- the sun beading down on the heavy plains. Strange creatures often lurk around-- the most common are the scorpions that lay claim to the desert city. Many have traveled to the abandoned city, but few never return.

It is until some time that the city of Arzbrin is becoming a second target of this scourge-- the scorpions influenced by an outside force. What this source is has many confused, as they have not heard from the Wizards of the North for some time-- that they were only myth. Now it seems to the people of Arzbrin are under siege by a mystical force-- a force that could unwind the very fabric of the natural realm and tie a knot within the divine realms.


Also, one other thing... when you post your character as part of your interest, I have below the application guideline to help with organizing your simplified character sheet. You may provide a link to your extended (complete) character sheet as an option, and you do not need to adhere to the guideline to the letter-- just as a reference, this will be here if you need it. :)

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Interests? Post away :)

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