The Frozen Throne

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The Frozen Throne

They enroach further every day Damathar, their stinking flesh offends my nostrils. Humanoid stinklings, they have no concept of proper entitlement, this land was ours, this earth was ours. In the savage era the frozen throne encompassed the whole globe. Piece by piece the humans and the rest of their humanoid kin have stolen what is rightfully mine! I want it back Damathar, I want it back now.

Yes my queen, as you command. The minotaur general bows his head low, ensuring that his eyes are kept from the dragon at all times, not daring to offend her with a gaze.

The queen hisses, her forked tongue slipping between her teeth as a puff of mist came from her nostrils, she slammed her tail against the wall as icicles slipped from their precarious ledge on the ceiling. The minotaur winced, mentally counting the broken ribs he suffered at the end of that tail when he failed a mission once upon a time.

They have no rightful claim Damathar, I forged this land, I carved my blood path through history and established the frozen throne. My kin, your kin, our kin, Damathar, this is their land, their rightful ownership.

The minotaur almost balked, his queen had just included him as one of her family. This meant two things, the frozen queen was at breaking point and she was about to ask something of him that he would not like.

Rally the Thorned Legion. We go to war. hissed the queen.

The Minotaur almost feinted. The queen had just declared war against the humans... He was their general.

It seemed to Damathar, that life had just gotten a whole lot shorter.

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