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Kalistria, Lands of Adventure:

The world had changed much in the past one hundred years. A century it took for all the changes to manifest and conjoin with the natural order. Man had been altered along with the rest of the natural world. The dawn of the new age came in a devastating way, forever leaving its mark on the earth. Events unfolded during a tumultuous time, and the gods did wage war against an old enemy, but were only marginally successful in minimizing what fate had in store. The effects of this power being released sent those gods into madness. The consciousness of the gods that fell prey to this madness now were scattered and changed into something alien. Even their desires and thoughts were given new form, thus becoming a new creation to be feared. Soon the gods turned on each other - some died, some fled to parts unknown, and some simply ceased to exist. The world was left adrift and without order. This corrupter tempted all, even the very elements fell victim. The continent of Kalistria is now the focus of much turmoil and tragedy. The enemy had been turned back, but the world was without guidance and became filled with an alien power that threatened the very souls of men...

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