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  • Created Apr 10 '11
  • Last Post Jul 3 '11 at 4:54am
  • Status Complete
  • System Homebrew

Game Description

"Thank you for your interest in the newly formed Lavender League. Set in the country Remgedar, the new league (Sponsored by the Orion Corporation) circles the 13 cities throughout the country. Among these cities are also 4 contest halls, 6 mini gyms, and various tournaments and attractions to inspire people from around the world to come enjoy. Also, for the trainers seeking Frontier fame, Orion is starting up the Frontier Front. Still in the making and hoping to open later this year, the Frontier will consist of 8 locations focusing on different aspects of battle.

For the non trainers, there are still many things to do. Come visit the Coraphin Safari Zone and Zoo to see many magnificent creatures. If that's not your thing, enjoy the Reptalos Amusement and Water Park. Over 2,000 acres of rides, slides, and good old fashioned fun. Forty-two different roller coasters and 27 water slides for both people and pokemon await.

If shopping is your thing, Constellation City is where you wanna go. The heart of the country and home to Orion Headquarters, this city houses the biggest malls and largest shopping district in the entire country.

Lavender League registration ends soon. Hurry and apply to receive 5 free heal balls upon signing up as a thank you gift from Orion. Deadline to sign up is April 30th.

Upon signing up you must sign a waiver releasing the Orion Corporation and any of the League from any harm you receive upon your journey. The issued pokemon you begin with is yours to keep as long as you agree to provide Orion Corp with any information they ask for and are willing to take on any mild favors asked from you during the league. The Orion Corporation is not responsible for treatment or protection during your journey and the signer takes responsibility for any conflicts he/she runs into along the way."

This is the letter you received in the mail this morning. The registration paperwork in the same packet includes the following:

One identification packet - Name, Age, Description, Background, ect.
One pokemon starter instructions kit - Starter Wishlist top 3, Pokemon wishlist, ect.
One school records request - Starting class, desired class list (Your intended path (Ace Trainer, Type Specialist, Chaser))

You know that Orion is the equivalent of the Kanto region's Slyph Co. and develops all of the Remgedar pokemon technology. The country is also plagued with different criminal organizations. Just from the top of your head you can recall Team Orange, the petty pokemon totting crooks who go around robbing citizens of their pokemon. Then you have the Wings which are a criminal band of sky pirates. The closest thing you can equate them to are bikers with bird type pokemon instead of motorcycles. Then there's the Black Berets. Led by former police commander Sylark, these militaristic freaks are trying to take control of the country by force.

You also know that for every criminal group, there are a band of heroes to counteract these threats. The police, led by Officer Jenny, are very influential around the country. The Ranger Corp leads the fight against Team Orange. There is also a small band of trainers who call themselves "Bolt". These few trainers are a fanatical group who, by all rights should be called outlaws themselves, take on the Wings daily to stop them from wrong doing.

Talking with your parents, they agree to let you start out. You need to be in the city of Remalda by 10 AM on May 6th at a little shop called Panks Pancakes and Shakes. Included are a list of flights into the city from all over the globe as well as train schedules and a map of the country.

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