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  • Created Apr 11 '11
  • Last Post Jul 30 '11 at 4:59pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System D20 Modern

Game Description

It's been over three years since David, also known as Solid Snake, was buried following the ending of the Patriots. The normally endless cycle was broken, but a void was left. The war economy took off as shadow governments fell apart, rebel factions jumped up to control the new lands. The USSR and the USA began a new cold war, most of Asia was taken over by China, with the exemption of Japan, which was left neutral in the whole affair.

The unit known as Foxhound still exists as well, used by the US government as their counter to the KGB as well as the GRU. Deep within the heart of China, rests a base that seems like little more than an outpost or an ammo dump, but recent intel has shown this to be a lie. The most recent intel has shown this is the location of where most the Metal Gear Variants have ended up over the years, salvaged by various groups and sold here, in broken and non functioning conditions, to be studied and altered. Rex, Ray, Irvins (Gekko, functional and non), the remains of RAXA and the Shagohod, Zeke and D. All of them are here, and to make matters worse, they are being studied and improved upon, as to be mass produced in various fields. And to add to it, they have access to nuclear arms, and advanced tech to defend the base.

From the Foxhound unit, a small group has been picked to infiltrate this base, and make sure all the data is erased, the scientists killed, and any evidence of their arrival is removed.


This is going to be a Modern D20 game, aimed at using stealth, skill, and good role play to survive. If you are a fan of the Metal Gear games, this is something that will follow along that, as you can tell from the opening.

The game is going to be level 4, with 36 point build, so higher points than normal to show your above average skill and training over the years. You will also have max HP for class levels.

You will be able to get masterwork items, however! This will follow the metal gear style of weapon and extra gear will be found on site, so weapons are a no go.

The party will also be split up, entering different sides and that will be kept hidden for now. Contact will be rare, at least in person. Contact and information exchange will happen mainly over Codec, and the nano machines will help keep you all live. Medication will also be around to help heal your bodies in the event of fire fights (which will happen), and will function the same as potions only based on tech.

Questions will be directed here or in the OOC thread which be up as soon as I can.

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