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  • Created Apr 11 '11
  • Last Post Jun 2 '11 at 4:42pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Anime D20

Game Description

The age was one of strife and bloodshed as the afterlife was rocked constant warfare. Those beings who tried to make this place their home had to struggle against the chaos, death and destruction to strike out even the most meager of existences. Those with strength preyed on those too weak to defend themselves, and while many died at the blades of their fellow spirits while the ever present threat of hallows loomed over those who tried to carve out an existence for themselves. Young families rose up among the bloodshed and tried to settle a common ground where there might be peace. It was to be called Seireitei, the court of pure souls where people could live away from the bloodshed… Or so it was hoped.

This new city was to serve as a shining beacon against the darkest night, to provide security to those who wished to live their afterlife in peace. The shinigami, who’s sacred task it was to protect the spirits from the hollows found this new home to be a great base of operation, both for staging against the bandits and hollow, but also a place from which to educate the next generation of shinigami. This, is your story, and your actions both good and evil will shape the course of history itself.

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