The Vampire Throne

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  • Created Apr 11 '11
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  • Status Aborted
  • System Pathfinder

Game Description

Adventure Background

Five years ago a cult began to grow in power in the country of Ustalav. The cult was not a nuisance until recently when the followers began to raid and build up wealth. The cult who call themselves the Servants of Circe, all worship vampires. The group reveres vampires over all others and sees the creatures as the true rulers of the realms. The human followers are the ones who go amongst the living to recruit more for their group. Tieflings are known for joining and are the guards of the group. The guard is made up of barbarians and fighters. Few chosen ones are turned into vampire spawn and only serve the leader, a vampire sorcerer named Circe.

A few undead also serve under Circe, her general is a lich barbarian who goes by the name of Alain. Other notable members of the Servants of Circe are as follows:
Her general, a lich barbarian named Alain, never strays very far from her side. The main ‘cleric’ of her temple is a tiefling cleric known as Erik Cessan. She has a captain of the guard at Aboleth and he is a human fighter who is called Rognar. These are her most notable servants and are the toughest ones to face out of her service. There are a few vampires that are attached to the group but they disdain serving Circe and have their own plans for domination.
Valdor is a vampire ranger who is known throughout Ustalav for his cruelty regarding humans. Animals are the only exceptions to his cruelty. Even if they are the animal companions to an enemy; he will not attack the animal. Phalina is a vampire wizard who has a lich fighter as her servant. She specializes in summoning monsters. The final vampire within Circe’s circle is a vampire rogue by the name of Lucius. Lucius is a bit of a rebel against Circe, but he never outright disobeys her.

The cult has found an ancient ritual that will enhance a vampire’s power beyond that of a deity. The cult’s main objective is to increase the vampire Circe’s power to that of a deity. They discovered the ritual in Aboleth. The Servants of Circe have already obtained the first part of the ritual, the Amulet of Tar-Byphon. The ritual is explained more in detail in Appendix B of this book.

The seat of the cult lies in Aboleth, though they have other seats in the various parts of the Inner Sea. Many of the people of Ustalav have grown concerned with the number and power of the cult and the locals sought the help of the Pathfinder Society. The society sends two Pathfinders to investigate but the two are not heard from at all. The Society sends one of its stronger members to see what happened to the other Pathfinders but is unable to overcome the perils of Aboleth.

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