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Rogue Trader - a Fool's Gamble

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  • Created Apr 11 '11
  • Last Post May 17 '11 at 4:07am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Dark Heresy

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The Game:

Rogue Trader is a great game, full of both adventure and peril. Nearly any style of game you want to be played can be accommodated. Want to lead an army to usurp an forest moon from a race of primitive lizard like Xeno? Go ahead! Want political drama and proverbial (and literal) back stabbing in gold plated ballrooms and dining halls deciding the fate of a mining colony? No Prob! Want to explore ancient ruins, searching for Xeno artifacts? Easily done my friend! Want to be a pirate? Why just get your eye patch and parrot and we're all set to go.!

As such, while I do have a narrative lined up for this campaign, it will be mostly sandbox styled. I'll put up Star Maps and what not, and though GM fiat tell you about prospective objectives or missions or general “interesting” news that will decide what adventures you might want to take.

Given that this is will be a play by post, I've decided the prospective party size can be increased a tiny bit.

I'm looking for 5-7 players for this game, I'll except each of you to post at least once a week out of combat and 2-3 times a week while engaged in it (though I can take over in those circumstances.)

Standard Character Creation and Profit/ship generation using material from any and all of the RT books.

I would like a short bio to go along with your Origin Path for some better plot hooks for your characters. You will also get a free spot on your Origin Path to encourage more freedom choice. This will come along way to getting you into the game if room seems to be filling up.

Be respectful to your fellow players. Nothing ruins a game more than two people in a party who are at each others throats out of character or in character if it happens to freely.

Use Invisible Castle or something similar for stats.

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