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Caged Gods

In the age before ages, chaos wept in loneliness. The great swirling mass of it's own form was no companion, it's endless tendrils stretched deep into nothingness.

From the tears of chaos came the Stream of Essence, a thick solid mass that spanned eons and eons. Chaos rejoiced in it's own brilliance at creating such a thing. Yet as the Stream of Essence took shape, took form, Chaos' grasp on the universe lessened, suddenly chaos found that it's creation of the Stream, was also the start of it's own destruction.

Chaos went to war with Essence and so began the Age of War. Galaxies created by the Stream of Essence shook as Chaos pounded relentlessly against the immovable being that was essence. An immovable object and an unstoppable force collided for milleniums upon milleniums.

From the sparks of this war were created The Prime, so began the Age of Creation. The Prime were great beings who strode through the galaxies creating universes, in these universes they created beings in their image who they entitled The Primordials. The Primordials strode amongst the universes creating beautiful sculptures of art that they entitled collectively as "Planets". Each planet was also given an individual name. As each galaxy, universe and planet was created the Stream of Essence grew stronger, which in turn weakened Chaos. Soon, Chaos retreated to a far corner of the universe to harbor it's only remaining strength and enshroud itself, building an impenetrable housing that would be it's refuge until the day that it could once again stride through nothingness on it's own.

This day was perhaps sooner than one would think in it's coming. The Age of Darkness arrived... The Primordials became arrogant in their creations, claiming that planets required a degree of skill unlike any existance had ever seen. So, The Primordials gathered together and rose up against The Prime, of which they outnumbered at least twenty to one and caged them within a prison, locked away and unable to escape.

What was this prison?

A creation upon a creation. Something the Primordials titled "Man". Who was created with Free Will and thus, made the perfect prison for a God whose only knowledge was dominance. The Contrast held The Prime caged within and the universe fell into confusion.

Chaos smiled.

The Prime rages against.

You live your life unwittingly, a pawn in the great scheme of things.

A life that is soon to change forever, be that for better or worse.

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