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Wheel of Time RPG 4e

Wheel of Time Setting
Custom D&D 4e rules set
Timeframe is before the prequel New Spring, before the Fall of Malkier

The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills, and we are only the thread of the Pattern.”
—Moiraine Damodred

The year is 954 NE.
It is a time of unrest in the world. The Blight makes it's advance southwards attempting to push its way through the Borderlands; all that stands in its way is the Kingdom of Malkier. If Malkier should fall, the Borderlands will fall. Malkier stands ready, the deep breath before the plunge. Lain Mandragoran, brother to King al'Akir Mandragoran, mounts an army to march against the Blasted Lands; the king protests and refuses to support his brother's grand act of folly. The city of Seven Towers stands as a beacon to signify that man shall not fall into darkness, as long as the Kingdom of Malkier lives and breathes. The tension is palpable among the nobility of Malkier. Will a land divided survive?

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