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In a world where super heroes keep the populace safe, and has for some time. People have become complacent, free of fear and down right docile. Three horrific events unfold. Gates to a much dark, hellish dimension open up in Europe, spreading from England, Germany and Italy. A virus turning others into zombies in Central America moving into both North and South America. And Spreading out from the south pole an alien invasion. Of course people didn't fear as the greatest superheroes of the rushed to face these impending threats. Why would they. Then the unthinkable happened, the heroes failed. Most of the truly powerful superheroes and teams wiped from the world. But not before some events...

In Europe all but one portal was sealed. Now the dark forces work furiously to reopen the lost gates. As well enslave and feed on those too weak to defend themselves.

In Central America, a cure for the airborne part of the virus has been cured. However the hero, Dr. Vinn lost both his power suit and his team to the zombie horde. The team now zombies themselves. Dr. Vinn fears that those still killed by the zombies bites still join their ranks.

And the alien invasion has claimed countless heroes, but their two mother ships have been forced to crash land on earth. One in Australia, the other somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. As with the other threats, the aliens are not finished.

So here is the state of the world. The players would play as a 'up and coming' team of superheroes, who many of the mundane have turned to for hope. It takes place 3 weeks after the upper heroes failed.

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