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This was originally a secret campaign site to test DM powers, but I have gotten to the point where I would want to host a campaign. There originally was no story and was practically a run-around-and-beat-them-up campaign, but Geneforge has influenced me to develop a story. I'm restarting the campaign since everything slowed to a standstill, and hopefully it'll go better this time. It would be great if we could get in contact on Skype, if we aren't already.

It's a story of a small cluster of cities that are cut off from the outside world, and from each other, by a sudden invasion of Warforged (more commonly referred to as robots) from the north. With everyone breaking down from the siege in one way or another, the people of the entire region look for some sort of savior to relieve them of these hard times and return them to their former lives of peace. This region is no stranger to conflict, however. Three hundred years ago, a mighty war raged across the continent due to an elven preacher who pestered many civilizations by converting their people to the elven religion. This lead to every major religion lashing out and trying to keep their followers, or convert others much more actively than before. This war - the Ameran War - brought upon the end of many lives and erased most of the minor religions from history permanently. While most of the surviving civilizations have agreed to peace, the two human groups have yet to set aside their differences. In Ulonev, and the neighboring region of Barona, most of the followers of Heironeous live. Most of the fighting that occurs between those two take place in the northern part of the region, near Nalmerg Region where the followers of the other human faction live, but now the many cities have been taken by surprise by the robot invasion.

These robots are, however, figuratively human. With enough effort, they can be exterminated. Someone can bring peace back to the cities of Ulonev. But everybody is too scared to. Scared of pain, scared of death, scared of the enemy launching an attack if the soldiers clean up the mess. But there just so happens to be a group of people from the town of Ifganfi, near the bottom of the region, who will set out to prove that this problem is solvable. That there is a way. That there is hope.

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