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D&D 3.5 using the Mystara setting as a template for my own world. For those who don't know this setting, Mystara is huge, not even in 100 level 1 to 20 campaigns could you ever hope to exhaust the possibilities of adventure. For those who do know the setting, my world doesn't hold strictly true, but you'll enjoy the familiarities. Feel free to do some background reading at, this will help alot to make a setting specific character. This campaign will be beginning in the Kingdom of Karameikos, aptly name the kindom of adventure.

There is a storyline written, but this campaign will also be largely player driven. I'm an experienced and adaptable DM with most of my experience coming from players that enjoy throwing a wrench into my hard work.
Originally this was to be set up to just include a few friends, we all work at the same job and that job often keeps us from from holding table top games. However, I still have less people than I'd like so I'm throwing out the invitations.

Some things to think about if you want to throw in your application:
1. Firstly, this will be a mature campaign. Now by mature I don't mean gore, nudity, drugs, etc. By mature I just mean that we are all adults and would like to play with the same. No fluffy bunnies, no spongebob, no pokemon. We just would like players with a more mature mindset. No offense to the youngin's.
2. Second, be warned! Our schedule is odd. Our job requires us to leave for lengths of time. Normally we recieved good notice but still, this has screwed me trying to play play by post before. If you want to play bonus but be prepared to take small hiatus' every once in a while.
3. If you're still interested then here's the skinny: No characters, just their concepts. Once you're accepted feel free to make one. We'll be starting at level 1, any race and class will be allowed from the following books. Races are limited to the core 3.5 books but feel free to add regional flair. Again, glance at the link above to help flesh out your character. Core classes, plus the ones from, The medieval players manual, the cavalier's handbook, the noble's handbook, the complete adventurer, the complete arcane, and the Libris Mortis.
Any alignment is alright but to keep intra-party fighting to a minimum please try to not play devil's advocate to other players.
Magic will be extremely rare. Feel free to use a mage but be prepared to deal with alot of predjudice.
This will be a low magic campaign with alot of battle tactics used. You won't be able to just run in and hack away. (well you can but the outcome will be unfortunate.)
4. There are three main human races in Karameikos. The Traladarans (The original people, medieval Romania area styled people.), the Thytians (Invaded and settled Karameikos, styled after the Romans.), and the Karameikans (the newest generations, often of mixed heritage. These younger folk have less tribal predjudice and more national pride.)
5. Three sheets to the wind and just suffered a gianormous bout of lazy so this is it. if you have any other questions feel free to ask away.

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