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This will be a SandBox style of game that takes place on Eberron, we start in Sharn.
We end up wherever your imagination takes you.

Start @ Lvl 3, 40pt stat buy. Max HP @ lvl 1&2, 1/2 for lvl3.
Max gold for Lvl 1. No more beyond that. Go out and earn that loot.
You will Level relatively fast, if you keep up with game posts.

If you want play in a good game, make a good character. If you want an evil game make an evil character.
If you are indifferent, make both. I will draw on the applications given to determine what might incite adventure.

Eberron is a dynamic setting with fantastic high magic areas, and brutally primitive savage lands.
Sharn is the biggest city in the setting, with an amazing abundance of magic, so much so it feels very modern.
The city holds life of every sort.
No restriction on character creation, except only light psionics. Psionics goes to sci-fi as magic goes to fantasy, plus I'm not fully versed on the system. Beyond that, if you can dream it, you can play it.

Gods of the pantheon are tweeked. We will use the Greek Pantheon in place of The Sovergn Host.
The Titans will play the 'evil' gods. The various cults are tied to Prometheus. If you want to play a cleric or paladin I can give more details. Also destiny points are used; much like their use in SW SAGA, if your not familiar I'll get details later, super easy, super fun.

Again, this is a sandbox game. I will not spoon feed you adventure, nor will I railroad players.
Sometimes you find adventure, and sometimes adventure finds you.

Post often. I'm online a lot (my job to be in the know). If there are any questions or comments, please PM me.
1X a day at least. If you have to take a couple days off, thats cool, just let me know. I will do the same.
Applications are accepted by first come, first serve.
Complete applications. I need a background of sorts: morals, desires, issues, qualities.
8-10+ sentences. 50+ sentences and I'll go back to reading the news.

I need heroes with the minerals to take on their destiny.

Do not hesitate to ask questions, comments, ideas, insults. We are soooo chill like that over here.
Oh yeah... If you don't want to play, please do not post on my Ad.

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