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This will be a Star Wars D6 (WEG) game. The game will be for 5-8 players (I'm somewhat flexible on an upper limit within reason) No D6 Experience necessary.

Time period begins approximately 2 years before the Battle of Yavin.

This is a bit of a unique campaign as characters will be taking on some rather non-traditional roles. The party will be the Star and his/her entourage of the latest musical sensation.

It is two years before the Destruction of Alderaan and the first Death Star. The Rebel Alliance is still in the fledgling stages--For the most part, it is little more than a collection of scattered resistance cells, each with its own agenda, its own tactics.
The Empire on the other hand, is at the height of its power. Anything more than token resistance from a star system is met with a brutal response by the Imperial Navy.
But the Emperor has concerns. He knows that public opinion has begun to swing away from him and, while he still holds on to the principles of the Tarkin Doctrine, ("Rule through the fear of force rather than through force itself") the master puppeteer understand that if he can bring popular opinion back on his side, his military forces can be devoted to other things such as anti-piracy, expanding Imperial influence, and the squelching of rebellion.
To that end the Emperor has launched a new propaganda tool. A rising young star, the child of an Imperial Moff becomes an overnight sensation across a thousand worlds singing the praises of the the Empire. Now flush with success this new star (and the star's entourage) travel from world to world, helping to influence the masses and sway the masses back in the Emperor's favor.

About the GM:
I'm a storyteller. Stories are about people--and the way they change over time. Characters SHOULD develop and I don't mean just get more skill points. They should be on the way somewhere--maturing, securing their place in the galaxy, or coming to a new realization.

Role-playing is an exercise in collective storytelling. The characters are yours, once we agree on a background, take it in whatever direction you want as long as it makes sense. (if your quiet technician suddenly guns down a schoolroom full of children, there better be a really really really good reason for it)

What You'll Get From Me:
I post daily. Any absence more than 20 hours and I've had some major blow up in my RL.
I provide context. I'm a sucker for Star Wars' overarching continuity. I love that they've actually got thousands of years of history woven together. But its a big galaxy. Rest assured players will have lots of power to influence the events without running afoul of canon.
I provide images. Be they my sketches, maps, or something I photoshopped, or just a link to a wookipedia image, you'll know what this universe looks like.

What I expect from players:
5 posts per week minimum. Preferably daily. Don't make us wait on you--its rude to your fellow players.
Participation. Everyone has something to contribute.
Feedback. Let me know if you're unhappy! More combat! Not enough combat! Your spelling sucks! You Couldn't GM your way out of a wet paper bag! -- whatever. TELL ME what's wrong so I can fix it.
Some Character image. Sketch, photoshop, painting, or some person you took a photograph of. Let us know the character!


A few other things:

-I DON'T do coincidence. If you run into Darth Vader in a galaxy of 100 Trillion sentient beings, its because there was a damn good reason.
-My NPCs have strong motivations. If they do something there is a VERY VERY VERY good reason for it (and probably an interesting one, dig deeper!)
-When we pick up the story, MOST characters will already have been doing concerts together for a year now, so characters should at least know most things about each other that people living on the same ship will know.
-The characters will get a starting ship that isn't coming out of anyone's budget so don't worry on that score.
-For now characters are working for the Empire and have an extravagant budget to work with. Feel free to put in any gear as long as it is not in the Restricted or Illegal category without regard for cost. Nearly anything in the "R" category will be allowed as well, but I want to verify it. X-class items will be subject to GM scrutiny.
-I believe in EU. Everything must fit in the larger framework of the Star Wars story. This story weaves into the lead up to the Battle of Yavin. That means that if you find something on Wookipedia ( and can't find stats for it, stat it out and as long as its reasonable I'll ok it. (or you can pester me to do it, if you just think its cool)

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