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It has been ten years since the end of the great war, ten years since the brutal savages were driven out of the lands of the free and the just, ten years since the fall of the Dark Lord.

It was on this very day ten years ago that a group of heroes marched forth with the banner of the Allied nations held high and laid siege to Zenith Spire. It was on this day all those years ago that the Dark Lord was slain and broken, his body shattered. Without him his forces were soon scattered across the lands, less of an army then an infestation.

Since then the land has entered a golden age, without the dark will of the Overlord the people have flourished. Today marks the Ten Year anniversary of what has been known thus far as 'The Golden Age' and all across the many realms of the Allies there have been celebrations.

You find yourselves in one such celebration in the small town of Jeral, the birthplace of one of the heroes who took down the mighty Overlord, as well as an important base in the great war, surely nothing can go wrong today of all days, when the greatest heroes of the land celebrate their triumph... Can it?

Hello one and All. I am Av Bloodbane, a new face on the site. This is my 3.5 campaign, which I invite you all to apply for. The premise, as you have seen above, is a simple one. 10 years ago your typical evil Overlord was slain by a group of powerful heroes, since then the land has been at peace. However, something odd is stirring on the horizon, and dark winds are blowing.

The mood of this campaign will be serious, although there may be some comedy thrown in (although the comedy may be a little dark) There will be quite a lot of role play as opposed to 'roll play' but don't let that discourage you hack and slash fans. There will be enough combat to satisfy you. This does not mean it will ALL be combat, there is a story that is begging to be told, so role play is an important aspect.

This is the thread where I will take applications from the kind public. I have 6 spots open and will base my final choice of who is accepted on May 20th.

I will take no applications past May 18th unless you can give me a very good reason why you could not make the deadline.

Put the following information in your application. (Please also note that our campaign starts at level 5.)

Your ability scores: (When rolling stats roll 4d6 and take the highest 3 numbers as usual. But reroll all 1's. I also give 1 free 18)
5 words to define your characters personality.

Note that I am only allowing the PHB, because i am fairly new to DMing. If you absolutely HAVE to use another book, please clear it with me through PM. I am reasonable and if you really want something from, say, Complete Adventurer, then I am sure we could arrange in PM how you would go about doing that :)

You start with 9000 gold to spend on what you please. If you want a magic item and are unsure on the price PM me, I have a guide.

I would prefer it if nobody rolled Chaotic Evil. This WILL hurt your chances of being accepted.

All PHB classes are available, and as i said before: if you REALLY want something from one of the other books, PM me and we can work something out.

All PHB Races are available except Half Orcs. This is for an in game reason. If you wanted to play a Half orc PM me and we will, as usual, work something out.

I think that is about it. If you want additional information about the world do not be afraid to ask.

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