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Astri is set largely in and around the crumbling Dramaskan Empire, on the continent of Azuredge. It is a land of adventures and intrigue, of fate and potential. At its core, Astri explores the idea of a low-magic, relatively high-tech society interacting with the highly magical, but low-tech world around it, for good or ill.

Beyond Azuredge - and, in fact, even in some parts of the continent itself - the world of Astri is largely unexplored or forgotten, existing only in legends and myths to the societies of the continent, waiting to be discovered anew.This is a world locked in struggle.
Rich against poor. Faithful against heathen. Tradition against innovation. Magic against technology.

This is a world shaped and scarred by man.
In court and office, the lives of thousands are weighed against profit. In the temple, flames are lit, within the congregation or within the archives. In the factory and workshop, aesthetics are pitted against economics and utility. On the battlefield, sword and spell clash against bullet and bayonet.

This is a world crying for change and reversion against the will of history and precedent.

Welcome to Astri.

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