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Justice for All

Just not for you. The great metropolis of Vigrus, had an interesting way of dealing with all of their criminals. Guilty, unless proven innocent. It took all the hard work out of the whole legal process. The police donít have to worry about on going investigations. The prosecutors have a high conviction rate. The judges arenít concerned about appeals, or hung juries. Even the people feel safer, knowing those bad guys wonít go free on some stupid technicality. Is the system fair? Not in the slightest, but the crime rate is down, and the good folks in town are sleeping better at night.

So, I bet the next question youíre asking is what happens to those that are convicted? Is there some huge prison out there that takes them all away? Well, not exactly. Then they must be exiled from the city, never to return. Nope, there would be too much paperwork to keep all those records. Donít tell me you just take them out back and kill them. WHAT, that would be barbaric, and what would we do with all those bodies? You see we have this hole, itís a big hole, and itís a deep hole, a really deep hole.

So, you get the idea. After we lowered them into the hole, our job is done. We have eliminated a dangerous criminal and made our streets safer for everyone. Weíve done good. Yea I know. What happens next? Once the basket reached the bottom the guards ushers everyone out and returns to the surface some two hundred and fifty feet above. The convicted are given a water skin, 2 days of rations, and our best wishes. Once they watch the basket go, they are on their own. Down there is an enormous cave complex that runs for hundreds of miles. Danger awaits them, if they survive the first few days.

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