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Characters entail or require:

  • Level 5
  • Full HP at every level
  • Diplomacy will use the GITP variant
  • Bluff and Intimidate will follow a similar format
  • Must all have some form of stealth that scales or can get better over time
  • The big 5 are banned

The setting entails or requires:
  • Eberron
  • No other setting specific races or classes allowed
  • All must have lived in Sharn at some point or still do, thus enabling you knowledge of the city
  • It is only one year after the event that changed the face of Eberron so tensions are still high

  • Artificers (Technology is a much treasured secret of House Cannith, they are not sharing.
  • The Big 5 (As stated above)
  • Druids (I'm separating for a reason) must be the shapeshifting variant and may never, through any means, gain any spells.
  • Homebrew (I'm sorry, I just don't have the time to review, even if it's been extremely peer reviewed)

About me:
  • I'm an exceptionally annoyed player with games always dying. So I'm running my own. I'm absolutely sick to death of useless Game Masters who promise the world and then flee because they've stupidly over committed, taken on too many things, already have life things going on or any number of other reasons that should have stopped them from starting a game in the first place.
  • I'm by no means an overly experienced DM, but I've been a player for 10 years. I'm not a power gamer though so cheese scares me.
  • I will have one and only one game on MW. Sure, some DM's can handle multiple but out of all the games I've been in on other sites, 20 of the 22 have failed and the DM has left. I think you should take on one game and one game only. So that is what I'm doing. I have plenty of spare time and am not going to over commit myself.
  • I am expecting a posting rate of once every day or two days. If after 48 hours you haven't posted, you will be issued an experience point penalty. If it happens three times without prior warning, your character will be resigned and a replacement player will be found.
  • I am young-ish (25) but expect a fair amount of maturity in my games. This isn't a comedy game as they are short running, this will hopefully head on into epic levels.

  • You must not be over committed already. I'll be checking out your profile to see how many games you're in or have applied to recently. I really need players as dedicated to this one game as I intend to be.
  • If you're already DM'ing a game you're probably too over committed for this, if you're a player in one other game that's fine. Two is pushing it. Three is only acceptable if you're one of the worlds best multi taskers.
  • A post rate of once every day/two days (see above). If in combat every day is expected
  • Maturity and commitment to roleplay
  • A respect of the game, of your fellow players and myself
  • The commitment to see this game through the next 4 years. Oh yes, you heard right, 4 years. As long as MW stays online, this game will continue to be played out. If you step up, you must attempt to foresee any life changes in your immediate future that might stop or postpone your commitment to this game- then step aside and give the spot to a dedicated player who can commit to 4 years.
  • No IC or OOC conflict. Settle your issues with me and players via PM. If you have a problem with mutliple players, PM myself and I will open a mediation thread private to those players only
  • No rules lawyering period. As stated I'm reasonably new to DM'ing so I'm sure I'll make a mistake, or not know everything you might want me to know. PM me with any mistakes or oversights I make please.

  • Because of the commitment required in game, I'm going to ask you to show it in your application. Applications should total four pages. Yes it's a lot. Yes I'm asking a lot. I know, please don't comment on the application amount required.
  • This four pages can consist of any of the following, no more than half a page on any of the following: Childhood, Puberty, Job, Family, Combat simulation/Roleplay example, friends/contacts, knowledge of the city, knowledge of the war, what you were doing during the war.
  • Sources listed for any feats, special abilities, classes

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