Battlestar Galactica - All This Has Happened Before

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  • Created May 23 '11
  • Last Post Jun 27 '11 at 7:23pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Serenity

Game Description

Scripture says that reality as you know it is just a story. A story the Gods tell over and over again, and as such everyone plays their part in the story of the Gods, which is destined to be told again and again.

Funny thing about stories though: they're never quite told the same way twice. They are prone to embellishment and exaggeration. The Storyteller might forget a detail here, add a different one there. Over time, the same story might evolve to become completely different. That's the great thing about stories, you never truly know what's going to happen next, even if you think you do.

This game is another version of Battlestar Galactica. Certain details are the same. The setting is familiar. There was a war between Cylon and Man, and the Cylons have returned to extinguish the light of the human race, once and for all. There are twelve models of Cylon that look like humans. There is an old Battlestar called Galactica, about to be decommissioned when war breaks out.

But there are plenty of surprises yet to come. The characters are different. There is no Admiral Adama, no crack pilot Starbuck, no Baltar. This is a new crew on the old ship, telling a similar story that will likely take a completely different direction from the TV Show.

This is a game about choices and consequences. All the players are military, aboard the Galactica. There will be a lot of hard choices to be made. Resources are extremely limited, and the way you handle those resources could have extremely dramatic affects on how things play out. If you have two ships under threat, and you can only save one of them, do you save the ship that processes your fuel or creates more ammo for your ship? Do you keep the fleet close to Galactica where you can protect it from external threats? Or do you spread the fleet out, to protect it from threats from within? There are no "right" answers. There's just choices and consequences.

There will also be Cylon sleeper agents. Some of these will be players, though they won't even know it themselves right away.

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