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The Darklands are once again in turmoil. While the rest of the world progresses through the age of light these lands are still haunted by the horrors of a terrible past. Conflicted interests and age old grudges prevent the existing realms from uniting and purging the land of the taint and indeed, some seek to actively raise the evils of the land in a bid for their own power.

The king has long since been weakened to a state where his power is less than even a figurehead, with the court ruled through force by his half brother, Tremain Antium; the Duke of the eastfold and only a small coalition of nobles prevent the land falling into total anarchy and destruction amidst the backstabbing and betrayals. there is one faint hope, the old king is near the end of his life and the end of his power began when he lost the Black Iron crown and the Reaver sword, the symbols of the king of the Darklands. This leaves a final chance, the nobles of the court who seek to take the land by force or subversion must reclaim these ancient artifacts to assert their right to control the realm, without them none can truly control the Darklands. And as history has certain conventions there are only 2 who can wield the crown and the sword, the last remnants of the royal family, the half brother of the kind, and the kings son, said to be lost for years or perhaps more likely; hidden away by the king with the last of his authority and power.

4 warriors have traveled from the peaceful lands further west, leaving the lands behind slightly more peaceful due to the remarkable pacifism displayed by corpses, they have been hired by the last of the coalition of eastern nobles to find the lost symbols of the throne and bring them to the rightful heir before Duke Antium seizes them and dooms the land to the horrors of the old night.

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