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After a millennia of patience...

As Greel the Doppelganger ascended to divinity, he took a long awaited interlude to reflect back on his turbulent life. The amount of time it took to achieve this status was far too lengthy, and his other brethren still had a long journey ahead of them. He couldn't wait for them. Somehow, he had plateaued in power. He couldn't rise past the other deities, not with their watchful eye on him. He needed to ascend even higher, but was unable to do so himself. So, he came up with a plan. A new race was born from his hands - one that could steal the abilities of its prey by consuming them, and rapidly grow beyond what was normally capable.

Still, the manipulative god needed to test his children, to see their effectiveness and how fast they could rise to power.

The Divine Quest
Abandoned within a bustling city, four doppelgangers must adapt, survive, and kill to achieve their only objective: "Murder the Gods."

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