Over the River and Through the Woods

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(out of date; this is the original adventure hook)

Iron Hills Village lies at the intersection of a thickly forested swamp to the south and east and a range of clifflike, snow-capped mountains to the west. Ordinarily, the road from the main gate provides access to civilization not much more than 100 miles away.

Recently, however, there has been a roadblock. Nearly a thousand roadblocks, actually. And they carry battleaxes.

A coalition of orcs, displaced by the settlement not long ago and since gathered together under the vicious warlord Grum Nagog, has returned to claim its ancestral lands. Only the watchful eyes and occasional arrow from the village's best archers keeps the army from assaulting the palisade. And, as the sound of war drums can attest, these deterrents will not hold for long.

Out of options, the village's de facto mayor, a blind wizard named Travin, calls upon a few--any few--of the citizens to sneak by the army through the swamps and forests to bring help.

You are the only ones to answer the call.

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