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The year is 1921 - another 1921.

Forty years ago, a young scientist called Nikola Tesla proved the existence of a force he called the 'luminiferous ether', but he had not the funding to do anything about it - then.
Thirty-one years ago, he achieved his dream, launching the first ship designed to sail between the worlds.
Twenty-four years ago, the ethercraft Britannia Ad Astra visited Mars for the first time. The planet was found to be both hospitable to life - and inhabited.
Sixteen years ago, the first wave of explorers, colonists, scientists and prospectors was on the way to Mars. They found wonders and glories beyond belief. They found dangers and perils. Some found death. This deterred few.
Eleven years ago, spiralling national tensions, exacerbated by clashes in orbit and beyond, drove Europe and the world beyond into the Great War, some say years earlier than it would otherwise have happened.
Five years ago, the Great War ended. Even on Mars, officially neutral territory, skirmishes had broken out here and there. For some, the tensions remained. For some, the war never ended.

Colonies dot the surface of Mars; few and far between. Scientific expeditions try to unearth the secrets of this ancient world.
Alongside dried-up canals, fabulous ruined cities and towers of crystal and glass await their long-dead inhabitants.
The landscape is far too rugged for road travel except for short distances, so airships are the only way to travel.
Taciturn natives go about their enigmatic business, acknowledging humans only to warn them away from the ruins.
Untold mineral wealth awaits those who can just dig in the right spot.

Danger, wealth, adventure and romance await you on Mars. Do you dare? Do you dare not?

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