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Please note that Eberron is being used as an indication of the state of technology and advancement. The game will not be set in Eberron, nor will there be any setting specific creatures or races except Changelings (Renamed as Dopplegangers).

This is a very core intrinsic game. I'm running this game for the purpose of going back to the roots. To pay homage to the great role players of old instead of the munchkins of new!

That being said-

Allowed Books:

Core (Not PHBII)
Magic of Incarnum
Tome of Magic
Eberron - For changeling only

Not Allowed:

Everything that doesn't include the above. Yes- this includes variants, unearthed arcana, dungeon and dragon magazine, homebrew and your grandfathers old teapot.

Also, the Big Five are out EXCEPT the druid which uses the shapeshifting variant. Please see mythweavers Wiki for what the Big 5 include instead of asking me.

Character Generating:

Should be done using the 34 Point Buy method (Google 34 point buy calculator if you don't know how to calculate)
Standard Wealth by Level (As in the DMG)
Level 3 traversing right through to Level 14. Wherein the game will hopefully end on a positive note, all players happy
Max health at each level

Post Rate:

Minimum of once every 2-3 days. So that this campaign can continue throughout the years I'm purposefully setting a slow minimum. However, the standards on accepting non-posting considering that slow minimum are now raised an exponential amount. If you do not post within the 3 days, we kick and find a replacement unless you've given prior notification. If the posting rate is continuosly notified to be slow, we kick and find a replacement.


Should always be respectful of myself and other players.


Expected. 'Nuff said.


Do not need a sheet. I need a concept, I need flavour (enough so that I could put it in with my noodles and they would taste DAMN delicious). I don't want to hear your "Build", in fact if you so much as mention "Build" and you can "Build" yourself a half completed bridge and kindly take a walk. Safe to say you can't break the game with the above- your build is irrelevant.

What you do need is a massive backstory (which doesn't necessarily have to be about how you got to "Level 3".), you'll need a detailed appearance, a detailed interactive history of family and contacts, and no less than 5 plot hooks that I can throw at you in game.

Then cap it off with personality and all that personality entails.

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