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Game Information
  • Created Jun 1 '11
  • Last Post Oct 21 '11 at 12:01pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Freeform

Game Description

Trinity City had its problems. With looser laws and regulations than any other city-state on the continent it has a reputation for being a place where gambling and drugs run rampant. On the other hand so does science, Trinity City is home to the leading cybernetic, bio-engineering and tesla-mechanics labs in the whole world. Trinity was experiencing one of the greatest booms in recorded history when the Sundering occurred. For a lot of people in Trinity City, it was merely the day their cell phones stopped working, for others it was the day their life changed forever. Dr Archibald Turner's decades old rift experiment had a critical problem, at 2:30am on October the ninth 2031 it blew a whole in the fabric of reality. In one bright flash of silver-green light Trinity City was changed forever. Thanks to Dr Turner's research the flawed but familiar world everyone knew was partially combined with elements of other dimensions. Everyone in the scientific community knew what the old coot was working on, so it wasn't hard to connect the dots when an explosion rocked the entire city-state. In some places the rifts manifested physically, miniature rips in the world, in other places elements of other worlds simply merged with parts of the City. Most striking of all, was the appearance of an entire a forest of ancient redwoods where the suburbs of Trinity were... and still are. The trees seeming to have integrated themselves into and around the buildings rather than destroying or replacing them.

One fundamental change brought about by the sundering was only immediately obvious to certain people. Those who suddenly felt a tingling deep inside them and soon found themselves able to affect the world around them and ways they had never dreamed possible, with magic. Some people grew scales in the wake of the explosion, while other found themselves able to perform feats of great dexterity or strength.

The year is 2032, no one celebrated halloween last year, approximately 2% of the population seem to be capable of performing feats of magic, the ancient forested suburbs are both protected and quarantined by law and crime rates have at least doubled.

Welcome to Trinity City, enjoy your stay!

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