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Courting the MiB

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Game Information
  • Created Jun 2 '11
  • Last Post Apr 1 '19 at 7:22pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System World of Darkness

Game Description

Four A.M.

Commanding Officer Tyrson has summoned you to the briefing room by five and you'd best be early. You know what he does to recruits who are late.

The office and your apartment are both in D.C. if you work for Task Force Valkyrie. The rest of you have rented rooms in the vicinity. You will be reimbursed for whatever charges Tyrson deems acceptable.

The room is small and hot, Tyrson has a fondness for oldtimey slide projectors and will make you sit through it until he is content you've wrapped your head around everything he has to say. Last night, he says...

"Last night a vampire was found right here in D.C. by one of our field operatives. He was young and stupid and," Turn slide - a trashy teenage boy, very thoroughly trashed, lies in a crimson puddle. The lips have been cut away to reveal the fangs. "being young and stupid, it means there are more of these suckers running about our nation's capital and that is not something that we are going to take lightly." Click. A shot of the kid in life, candid, playing basketball with friends. "Today you will gather information about this boy, Ryan Codee, and see what he's been up to and where he's been going for the last few months." He goes on to list names, addresses, and relations of several more people connected with the kid. You will be on full alert until this problem is sufficiently dealt with."

As the meeting draws to a close, the Hunters in the room are separated into cells and are sent off with their precise instructions for the upcoming mission. As you turn to leave, Tyrson calls you front and center. "You will be doing some special business on my behalf..."

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