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The Veiled Alliance, The group of preservers intent on the destruction of the Defiler Kings. Their efforts have been somewhat successful in that the very first Defiler King has died. His death gave hope to the people, who finally began to realise that the Defiler Kings were not immortal and could be killed. It just wasn't as easy as most people were to kill.

The hope began to spawn some more following for those who would oppose the Defiler Kings openly, and now the death toll rises. For as now some are willing to come out, they are killed by those they would oppose. The Kings are very good at keeping that fear of them in place and will do everything in their power to destroy any and all opposition that they get their hands on. Some are more subtle than others in this regard.

However, they still have little idea of the mages of the Veiled Alliance, who would take them down from the shadows, or their many allies, from the Dusty Conclave's desert wanderers to the hidden assassins of the Dream Knives. But those who fight risk death and torture. They risk watching those they tried to protect burn. But among those are heroes, those who do not know the possibilities that they contain. The oppertunities to destroy the Defilers. The chances to free this land.

Those heroes are who this story centers around. All who do not know it, but all who would find themselves caught by the winds of fate, which control the movement of every one of the grains that walk the earth. Destiny plays chess better than anyone else.

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