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It is the dawn of a new age. Steam has brought about a revolution in technology that has spirited the world to a higher plane of existence. Where mines used to be tombs for the poor of coin and strong of back they are now made safe by machines of steel and bellies of fire. Coal is the new gold, steel the new silver, and flesh the old way.

Through steam, man has surpassed the birds into flight, great airships filling the sky with the chop of their propellers and the sleek, silver balloons. Through steam, man has delved to the deepest depths, exploring thousands of leagues beneath the sea in the streamlined submersibles. Through steam, cities find locomotion, rails and roads home to trains and automobiles, bringing distant places closer together.

Through science, the world has become great!


The old ways are becoming forgotten, overwritten by the glint of steel and the caustic belch of burning coal. Magic has remained throughout the ages, great and untold strength hidden in the words of old. Where one may see a forest, Magic reveals a fae circle and glade. Where mundane eyes see a sea of water, Magic reveals portals into other worlds. Crystals bear the power of the old ways, sigils bring the power to life, and the will of man forges this life into the fabric of reality.

Through Magic, man has defeated the dragons of old, Camelot's fall the cost of a future free of draconian tyranny. Through Magic, man has survived the wrath of the blood gods, the crossing of the seas bringing about their terrible wrath. Through Magic, the skies have been tamed, dimensions beyond comprehension revealed, and mysteries brought to light.

Through Magic, the world has become great!


The worlds of Magic and Technology clash openly. The advance of technology threatening the future of magic, and the ancient practices of archaic sorcery threatening to halt the progress of technology. While only an elite few can cast such miraculous sorcery, many can take part in technological wonders. While many can aid in grand rituals, only a few have the ingenuity to create new and wondrous technological devices.

The world is at an impasse, standing at the tipping point of an open war between Magic and Science. Many have chosen their sides while many more simply seek to weather the coming storm.

But there are other figures at play who seek to bring this war to life for their own gains.

And this, is where you come in.

Whether by secrets of old, or technology of new, you have great and mighty power. You are among the elite of the elite, you are a grand and mighty figure.

You are what this world needs to survive this new age.

Whether of technology or of magic, you must band together with other the other titans of this world and keep chaos from claiming the utopia that surrounds us. Purge evil from the world and bring about a new golden age of man!

The world is in your hands. Do not let us down.

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