Goblins' Revenge

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As this adventure begins, the focus is on a band of goblins that have led an entirely autonomous existence. However, frequent raids into nearby human civilizations have drawn unwanted attention, and adventurers are about to begin invading Goblintown. The goblins have the opportunity to defend their lair and possibly take the battle to the nearest would-be adventurers, perhaps even attacking their marshalling point: the village of Ardeche.
Will an incursion by angry, or focused adventurers slay the goblins, or run them off? Or will the goblins turn the tables and wipe out the raiders? If the Goblins are stopped, the town is saved and the adventurers are victorious. If the Goblins slay the adventurers... If Ardeche falls, the goblins are victorious.
Do the Goblins know that a raiding party is headed their way? Are the Goblins planning a raid on the town again?
The war is on.
Find out.
Choose a side. Goblin... or hearty Adventurer turned Goblin slayer.

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