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Edge City

Shining jewel of the Eastern seaboard. Home to six million people, it is a centre of industry and culture. And, until about 3 weeks ago, one of the safest cities in the world. Up until then, Edge City had been home to the Squadron. Six people who had gathered together, sworn to protect Edge City, and the world, from danger. For nearly 20 years they have made this city their home, living and working from the former armoury on the coast, now converted in the Stronghold, their base of operations.

The Squadron has disappeared.

Without a word or sign of their departure they have simply vanished. One day, they flew high above the city watching over it, the next the skies were empty. The Stronghold has lain empty, these last three weeks, save for Bernard, the android butler asked with it's upkeep.

Crime is on the rise. The sinister elements of the city have sensed the power vacuum and, after three weeks with no return of the Squadron in sight, have begun ramping up their activities. Edge City is quickly becoming a dangerous place to be, as though they had decided to make up for lost time. Gangs have become bolder on the nighttime streets. The police, after 20 years of Squadron-backed cmplacency are nearly powerless to stop them.

Who are you? The new breed of crime fighters on the streets of Edge City. And with the Squadron gone, you're the next line of defense between order and anarchy.

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