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It's 998 YK, the Last War ended about two years ago.

People are slowly getting used to this new, and quite honestly fragile, peace. Across the twelve nations that now make up Khorvaire, distrust remains common. It's only due to the Mournland as an ever present reminder that things went horribly wrong that people don't pick up arms yet again.

And yet, despite this fragile peace, people have hope.

They have hope that the name for the Last War was no misnomer. That peace will last.

But like the peace itself, this hope is fragile.

Let's turn to the focus of our story.

Let's turn to Sharn, the majestic city of towers, cornerstone of Brelish society. Not the capital, but definitely the biggest city. Home not only to those of Brelish birth, but to those who were forced to flee their homes during the Last War.

There are slums filled with refugees from Cyre, a lot of whom are soldiers who were beyond the borders of Cyre when the Mourning came.

There are slums filled with people who never had a place in polite society. Goblins, Orcs, Kobols, and even nastier demihumans.

Yet there are places of wonder, of high society. Where nobility live, where the dragonmarked live.

And those places are perhaps the most rotten of all. For their fighting influences more than just those involved in the fight. Depending on the individuals involve, it might affect provinces, or even nations at once.

And those places are where we will begin our story.

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