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  • Created Jun 9 '11
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  • System D20 Modern

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This is my first attempt GM'ing on this forum so I apoligize if this isn't the format everyone's used too.

Introduction: Rumors have been flying across the streets of L.A.'s most elite criminals and mercinaries have been recruited to form a group that would tip the scales of power from the rivaling crime cartels and syndicates and unify them under one ruler. Whispers of the group have been heard, calling them the "Kill Squad Six" under the direct order of Mr. Cross. Mr. Cross is the head of a criminal syndicate that has been growing fast and taking out it's competitors. It is one of the many "Houses" [read as criminal syndicates] that have been thriving in L.A. since it appeared on the scene three months ago. First came the new skyscraper that went up seemingly overnight, then a large increase in bank robberies, arms shipments and local drug labs coming under fire. The Kill Squad is made up of trained and untrained professional assassins although Cross uses this squad for mor than just killing. He sometimes uses them as bodyguards or information gatherers and even as delivery men. Some have criminal records, some have never been caught. Some have a personal code they follow, some don't follow any code, but no one crosses Cross (no pun intended).

But that's not where you come in. You have been hired by a rival House, the House of Sever. For some reason or another you've caught Mr. Sever's attention and he has requested your presence and wants to pay you handsomely to take down the House of Cross and his Kill Squad Six. You're missions will be assigned to you by none other than Sever himself.

Books: D20 Modern, D20 Future (for weapon enhancements), D20 Past (for gangster class if wanted), D20 Future Tech (again for weapon enhancements), and D20 Cyberscape. We will dabble into the Arcana world as the story progresses.

PL: Progress Level 5. Though PL-6 equipment will be available upon approval but will not be readily available to the general public.

Races:Human. Well sort of...the campaign will start with the heroes at level 6, however there will be something special about each hero. The players will start out without knowing "what is behind the veil" [read supernatural] but will eventually break through and then their true potential will be reached. Each player will post a character they want to create and then the character will be adjusted via private message [read as: the character might be a vampire, lycanthrophe, elf, half-celestial, etc.] but they will not be able to use all of what their character might be capable of until they have broken through the veil.

Ability Scores: 36 point-buy in.

Starting Level: Level 6. Max HP per level and Action Points for last three levels.

Wealth, Additional Equipment and Freebies: +6 to wealth as a bonus for previous completed missions. You can request additional equipment that will be needed for your mission but it is not limitless. All characters get Armor Proficiency (light) as a free feat and Mr. Sever provides them with a +1 mastercraft form fitted undercover vest. In addition Mr. Sever provides one custom weapon with a purchase DC of 36. He also provides concealed carry permits and licenses. I also allow the Moonlighting and Ambidexterity feats, and since I allow ambidexterity to be achieved I also ask that you post which hand is your character's dominant hand.

Open Slots: Three to six players. If more wish to join then Mr. Sever will have more than one team going after Cross's Kill Squad Six.

Slot 1) Open.
Slot 2) Open.
Slot 3) Open.
Slot 4) Open.
Slot 5) Open.
Slot 6) Open.


First come, first served. So as to not ruin the 'behind the veil' mystery I ask that if you have any questions as to what kind of character you can create that you send me a private message and ask so as to not give away to your fellow player what your character might or might not be.


Applications should include your character's:
Physical Description:


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