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This game is basically a survival campaign as a prophecy comes true. An evil/good is coming to the world to obliterate the corrupt/pure world you all live in. The prophecy will be coming true in ten years. Not interesting enough? How about we make this more dicey. There will be two played groups. One will be going against the end of the world. One will be going for the end of the world whether they die with everyone else or they get to survive that's up to me. It'll make the campaign more interesting having two groups fighting on opposite ends. The groups will be having the same time line so there will be no "jumping ahead" of the others. I will worry how long other groups have to wait but I will want active players. So here comes the other stuff.

The starting story: That will be based off what side your on so that will be in my first post.

Setting: Home brewed. It would be no fun if you knew how everything worked while the other group is stumbling over history.

Character Creation: All classes and races besides races with LA higher then +1, The Big 5 Classes, Warlock, or Warmage, 200gp starting gold, you use d10s for stats so you roll 6d10s and all stats have a 8 in them already, All alignments, three phobias (one of each severity please. Info is on pg 61-62 on Hero's of Horror. Phobias aren't going to be weapons to keep throwing at you their going to be ideas to make things more challenging), and the starting lvl is 1 gestalt, and any ability score lower then 9 are 10's.

Applying: There will be a roll and applying thread. In either of them I want you to say in a private tag which side you want to be on. I want it private so that there is no "knowing" who's on what side.

Supplements/Info: All books, variants, and all that juicy stuff. The characters your's. Customize them you're way. I won't stop you. There will be two groups and I have another active campaign, and one I'm ending soon so I will post asap. Also I am joining the armed forces and going to boot October 26th and will be gone for two months. I will be back sometime early to mid January. I will start posting as soon as the comp I bring to base gets authorized or I get access to a computer on base. I will look for a DM to take my spot but no promises. Rules and Regulations will be posted on the Game thread asap.

Now if you're ready. Come to the bells and be ready to face or cause hell.

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