The Second Clan War

Game Description

It is summer in the year 1210 of the Isawa Calendar. Iweko I, the Child of Heaven and Divine Empress of Rokugan, died three years ago. With her died thirty years of peace in the Emerald Empire. Her eldest daughter was long dead at the time of her passing, leaving only Iweko Kanashime and Iweko Yoshio to claim the throne. In the same Winter Court that marked the passing of Iweko I, Iweko Yoshio was severely injured as his sister revealed deep connections to the Lying Darkness in a bid for the throne.

The two Imperial heirs have fought a shadow war in the years since. The samurai Clans of Rokugan array behind one heir or the other, marshaling their own forces as the Imperial Legions descend into chaos. It is an era of madness and pain as the Iweko Dynasty withers on the vine.

The Ikoma historians would later call this period The Second Clan War.


In The Second Clan War, a roleplay-heavy adventure for Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition, players can look forward to many opportunities. Players will create an “adventuring” character and a second, “lord”, character. Lord characters will offer players the opportunity to play as and define important personages in the setting such as the Jeweled Champions, Imperial Governor, and Clan Champions.

This game promises lots of individual player interaction as well as giving them the chance to define a new era in storied Rokugan.

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