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20th december 2012The man in a wheelchair waited patiently for his guests to enter the small room. The table in front of him, was surrounded by just enough chairs, for everyone to take a seat. The single lamp, it's spot straight to the middle of the table, gave barely enough light to see the 5 pictures placed on it's rough surface. And as everybody with at least a bit of knowledge of "who is who" of the 21st century would recognize the man with the weird grin, and the even weirder artifical voice. So would everyone recognice two of the pictures. Two mustached men, in the later years of their lifes ... two men EVERYONE would recognize ... if only for their mustaches. The two pictures below those, could be identified as the same two men, just younger. The picture in the middle though, showed a small crooked women in her middle years ... Then the crippled scientist started speaking.

"I suppose you recognize those two men. All of you have enough reasons to do so... I have an offer to make. I can send you back, back in time. To be precise 94 years. Your job is simple ... discontinue the existance of those two individuals. Of course this will heavily destabilize that timezone, but in the end will according to my calculations, avoid the death of tens of millions of innocent people."

he stoped his slow computerized speech, and allowed the information to sink in.

"The woman. She is your insurance for a quicker stabilization of the timeline. If she survives for at least one month after your insertion in the timeline, you have a 23% chance to be returned to this year, and an almost 42% chance to live out your natural lifespan in that time. If you fail in this third task ... well then your chances decrease significantly."

An offer only a madman would consider? Or a cause, to die for?

This game is surely not for everyone. It will require a willingness to adopt a certain eurocentric (or at least not america-centric) point of view. It will require a lot of research from the players. And it might result in a "alternative history" written by all involved.

I don't know if there even are enough players interested in such a setting, that are willing to cope with my more historical than "hollywood action" oriented play-style. But that's why I post it here.

I'm looking for 4 to 6 players, versed or at least interested in 20th century european history. The system used will be GURPS, but I do NOT require players to know the system (that's what A GM is for).

I should warn you though: I didn't GM myself yet for real, so consider it highly experimental. ^^

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