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Its strange how things happen.

You just randomly happened to find a map, a magical map at that.

Maybe you found it in a wreck of a caravan, a downed airship, or some other way.

The map is very obviously magical. It is indestructible for one thing.

It is double sided map. One side shows a global map, with limited details on it aside from the countries. What is interesting is that theres two notations with blinking arrows. One points to an area with Lhazaar Principalities. The other very obviously points to your location, no matter where you are. All you can assume is that whatever this map is for is located at the other marker.

The other side seems to be the schematics of a dungeon. It is very precise, the most concise map you have ever seen. It was obviously drawn by someone who knew what they were doing. Trap locations, how they are set off, secret doors, how to open them, location of possible monster locations. In the top left corner is a front view of the entrance (since the entrance is circles with lines leading to the image) showing a great cave with detailed pillars on either side. A picture in the bottom right shows a room filled with treasure of all kinds.

Curiosity is peaked. Maps direction is followed.

The closer you get to the second location, the more detailed the map gets, as if its zooming in, keeping both markers on either edge of the map.

You eventually come out of a forest to look down at a beach with a manor sitting back from the waters edge. Its more like a resort or villa than a manor, but as there is no town anywhere near here you can only assume its owned by some lord or another.

Theres a boat docked off shore and a number of longboats sitting beside a wooden platform leading from the manor into the water.

This looks nothing like what you see on the back of the map.

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