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Why is it in the pokemon world, they're always finding new lands and new pokemon? People clearly haven't been doing very much exploring. Spending too much time learning how to take a fruit and give it the ability to convert matter into energy most likely.


The Sancta Region

You have just reached 18 years old, the official age of Pokemon Training in the Sancta League. Tomorrow marks the start of your pokemon journey!

Unlike many other cultures around the world, the Sancta Region places emphasis on family pokemon, a pokemon that has been received as a gift on one's 18th birthday from either family or friends is the primary pokemon of a trainer, and must be used in all official League battles.

You all live in the town of Temutlum, where you have lived for almost your entire lives. Friends since a young age, you have decided to start your pokemon journey together.

Character Creation
Level: 2nd
Number of Pokemon: 1
Pokemon Level: 5th
Starting Yen/Pokedollars: 3000
Starting Pokemon Limit: Must have at least 1 evolution. Special Condition: The evolution from 1st to 2nd stage must be linear. I.e. no Tyrogue or Eevee.

Will be done in the Application thread, using the forms provided there, and will also include in the post:

Personality: Minimum 1 paragraph, Maximum 2
Appearance: Maximum 2 paragraphs, a picture will suffice
Backstory: Minimum 1 paragraph, maximum 3
Pokemon Species and Nickname

Any further questions, please direct to my face.

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