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The time has come. The Chained God, Tharizdun, demands release from his prison. For this to happen an elaborate and complex ritual must be undertaken. It is a ceremony unlike any other; fueled by souls and powered by world-wide devastation. Tharizdun demands the world be made ready for his arrival, as would only be appropriate for the Lord of Destruction. He desires a world hollowed out and burnt to a husk, and so he has elected You, with powers dark enough and deadly enough to fulfill his ends, to complete this task and unleash him from his imprisonment.

You are his chosen disciples - whether your worship him directly or just happen to suit his needs, he has forced his will upon you and demanded service. In exchange, the promises of power are endless, including a place beside him in a new world of his own designing. You will be made into Primordials, creatures of endless elemental power. You know beyond a doubt that he has the ability to grant you your darkest desires, and so you serve him, and willingly.

You have gathered. You have conspired. You have tested your powers, enhanced them though dark deeds and pacts with evil outsiders. You have rallied dark cults and sent forth your spies. You've attained wealth and reputation while remaining in the shadows, biding your time.
You are ready... but you know what lays before you is no simple task. Only standing together with other unsavory evils can you hope to surmount the massive obstacle ahead of you. The churches of the Goodly Gods ally against you, the churches of the Evil Gods bow at your feet. And the secret Order of the Fallen Ash walks between the worlds, hounding your every move and organizing your defeat around every corner.
This interplanar cabal is the final stand-still between The World and... well... people like You. They will stop at nothing to see every one of you die, and they are willing to sacrifice seemingly anything to see it happen. Their warriors and mages are everywhere, and their training and magical items let them resist the power magic many of you would seek to wield against them. Their blades reduce lesser men to ash as they die, leaving nothing behind. They withstand blows that would fell a giant and strike with unerring accuracy and tremendous strength. They are your worst enemy, and from the sounds of things they're working against you in more ways then one, rallying the entire world against you and anyone like you.

So, the question stands.

Can you carry out Tharizdun's Ritual of Releasing, and rightfully claim the title of Endbringer? Or will you fall to ash like so many others before you, unable to make more then a small scar on the face of the earth?

Character Generation Rules
Dice: 7m1d8r1r2+12 or 48 Point Buy. Note that with the dice you CAN get 19's.... that's by design.
Wealth: WBL, which is 760,000 GP. No more then 190,000 GP can be spent on any one item. Everything must be OK'd by the DM, I retain the ability to say "no" for no reason at all, if I should choose.
Level: 20 (Gestalt). You are just about to begin your journey into epic levels. This means Epic Feats, Epic Spells, Epic Awesomeness are within your grasp. You'll need access to the Epic Players Handbook.
Races: Standard. No LA or similar level alteration may occur because of race greater then +2. Nothing too weird, no Savage Species.
Classes: Any, must be OK'd by the DM. Please keep multi-classing minimal. Prefer classes that require evil alignment.
Hit Points: You will gain max hit points at first level, and half at every other level. Your character stops gaining hit points at level 20, meaning you have just gained the last of your hit points. Barbarian's would get 12+Con at first, then 6+Con at every other level. In addition, we will be using the 4th edition dying and bloodied rules - your character dies at the inverted value of half their hit points. (If you've got 100HP, your bloodied value is 50, and you would die at -50. You will always be informed as to the bloodied status of enemies and allies, as this represents a physical state of "Beaten half to death") Unconsciousness will still occur at -1. Diehard still exists, and let's you keep fighting until -10.
Alignment: Any Evil. Must be strongly evil. I mean, you're VERY evil. You like devils, demons, undead and sentient swords that tell you to murder children. That's your comfy zone - stay within it.
Special: Characters MUST draw upon the Book of Vile Darkness. All characters must possess at least three feats from the Book in order to be accepted. Characters with class levels from this book or another "evil" book are more likely to be accepted. Your characters are utterly devoted to vile ends, and can never be redeemed.
Special 2: Character must worship a Deity with the Destruction Domain, and character builds should be devoted at least partially to destroying on a massive scale. Note this doesn't mean you need to be a spellcaster - Barbarian/Fighter's would be acceptable, but you must show how your character is capable of destroying on a huge level.
Special 3: Character will gain +1 to any two stats every four levels, rather then just one. No, you cannot add +2 to one ability instead, don't bother asking.
Flaws and Traits: Here's where I stand on this. You may take up to two traits and one flaw, however, the following flaws are banned or otherwise altered:

Ultimately, if you don't roleplay a flaw or trait, I will kill your character. Nevermind this pansy "I'll take it away". If you're grabbing extra goodies like these, you best make them an intimate part of your character. If you can't commit to a character with some traits or flaws... then don't. Simple : )

The Toughness feat is amended as follows:

Other recommended books are: Libris Mortis, Lords of Madness, Complete Divine, Complete Champion, Complete Scoundrel, and Heroes of Horror. Most of these books will be drawn upon by the DM as well for setting details.

I'll also throw this out there. The Leadership feat....

....is allowed.

Get those applications going.

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