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You are a member of House Vyr'Lesdrin, a minor house in the city of Menzoberranzan. This is the story of your house. Whatever befalls it shall befall it, be it good or bad. You have a rival house, House Horlbar, that is the rank above your house, and they are your biggest threat at the moment. You have recently been informed that they are preparing a crippling strike on you, to prevent you from doing the same to them.

PvP is allowed but somewhat discouraged, and should be kept to a minimum. As you are a minor house, you can't afford to kill each other off (yet), and mostly will be working to further your house. Sub-plots (PvP or otherwise) will be played out as well as the large campaign, and I encourage sub-plots and side stories in you backgrounds.

About MeI've played D&D over 10 years, starting with AD&D, and then jumping up to 3.5e. This is my first time DMing on Play-by-Post, but I've DMed several RL games. I don't really have a set of houserules, but I do make rulings on the fly according to what makes sense. Story is most important to me, and then mechanics second. I want to have fun telling a story with a little a lot of help from you guys.

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