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  • Created Jun 29 '11
  • Last Post Jul 19 '11 at 9:54pm
  • Status Complete
  • System GURPS

Game Description

Welcome to Spring Creek, South Dakota. Population 637.

The town was built in the early days of America and built to last. The valley that the town was settled in was mostly sandstone walls and little else. The biggest problem with the valley is its depth. The lowest point of the valley is nearly a mile below the upper edge. The walls make it impossible to put up modern cell towers. Which is why most of the people in town still have the old land lines. Even putting on in the valley is worthless, as the depth makes it impossible to get a signal. A few of the wealthier people in town have satellite phones that allow them to call outside the valley in a convenient manner. The town is not growing, most of the people that live there are either old folks that do not want to change or their kids. Its like time rolled back in the valley. The Tech in the valley is lower than the big cities around it, but to get to the nearest city is limited to either of three ways. The first, the main highway, is known for its speed traps and crooked sheriff. The second is the south road and knows as the most winding road in the country. The third road is the old logging road. It was built to help move wood down the hill and back up, its rough in places, and has few police on it. The local race crews call it the "Old Road"

People and places of note in town.

Morning Dove Orphanage. Currently its buildings are old but solid. The orphanage has had many ups and downs. Its biggest up was the Reverend deciding to take it over and help it out.

Father Tom - Father Tom is not a Roman Catholic Priest, he has been many things in his time and has settled down here. He used to race professionally, repair racers, drink heavily and fight constantly. A near death scrape straightened him out. He is now the local preacher. Never let him hear you say anything bad about the Bruins or the Lord. Both will get you an earful. One speech will contain a great deal more cursing, at times it hard to tell which is which. He is however a good hearted man and takes good care of the kids.

Sister Angelica - the sister is the last of the originally assigned staff. Her age and three strokes, without a full recovery from any of them, have made her impossible to move any where else. She acts as the mother for all the kids at the orphanage.

Sheriff Daniels - Eddy Daniels is a good cop, ex-marine and starting to show his age. He took the job after the last sheriff was ran out of town for trying to rape a girl. His worst problem is jurisdiction, it ends at the edge of the valley. Ten feet after his jurisdiction ends is three speed zone signs that are hidden from view by weeds. The sheriff out there has radar stations set up just past each sign. Eddy has had clashes with the other sheriff many times, both men hate each other.

Mayor Bobby Jeffereys - Bobby has been the mayor for the last 60 years, due mainly to the fact the one person that could win in a popularity contest with him, will not run.

Deacon Jacob Drake is a quiet and reserved man that is also the richest man in the town, owning about 75% of the town and does not like to let go of anything. He is known for his attitude toward the town, and his desire for a quiet little town. He has tried several times to fix the problems on the roads in and out of town, but every time he does the plans fail, its not that he is bad at planning these things out, its more that the people that have those areas do not mind how they are and do not want them changes. He recently put in a internet facility in the local library. He being the only one that can really afford it. Jacob is not however a prude, and has many girl friends, although he never married. Well not that anyone knows about.

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