The Emperor's Decree

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  • Created Jul 1 '11
  • Last Post Jul 31 '11 at 7:02am
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Game Description

A Warrior's CallThe Ruby Warlord made the Stone Island his territory over fifteen years ago. He brought peace to the feuding clans of Kwo and Shen, and began trading with the nearby Islands (the Sea Ring and Fish Island). Now, he seeks to bring continued prosperity to the Stone Island, by seeking masters of the elements, those who are most perfectly attuned to the Origins who raised the islands from the waves. The rewards he offers for the party who can bring him so much as a single Master are kingly indeed.

Game System: A Wanderer's Romance (available free with registration at DriveThruRPG)

The players are part of an elite warband, seeking to find Masters of the magical arts who are scattered amidst the many islands of the world, so that they can bring them back to the Ruby Warlord. The islands are connected by trade routes, although the seas themselves are plagued by piracy and tempests. As all know, the ocean has never forgiven the Origins for raising up the land from it.

The Emperor's Decree is a wuxia campaign in the tradition of epic films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero.

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