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Deyr fé,
deyja frćndur,
deyr sjálfur iđ sama.
En orđstír
deyr aldregi
hveim er sér góđan getur.

Cattle die,
kinsmen die,
the self must also die.
But glory
never dies
for the man who is able to achieve it.

- Hávamál (Sayings of the High One), verse 76

In 2012, the world ended.

Ragnarǫkr shattered the earth. A long, bitter winter, then the flames, and then the madness and the silence. The dead rose, the giants came, and the children of Loki were loosed on the world. And the gods, forgotten and powerless, could do nothing to help mankind.

It has been ten years. The last strongholds of Man stand defiant in the old homelands of the gods. The remnants of Earth's old nations have gathered in Iceland and Scandinavia. A losing battle is being fought to evacuate the British Isles. Supplies are short, and old technology precious. A traitor king has sworn allegiance to the enemies of Man. These are grim days.

But humanity does not stand alone in its darkest hour. From Beyond have come elves and dwarves, emissaries of the old gods who wait to be summoned from the Ćther. Mankind has learned the lost arts of magic, and the old ways of war.

Now, more than ever, the world needs heroes. Who will rise to the challenge?

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