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You have lived in Xanth all your life. Which is to say you've spent about twenty years here. Everything you know consists of Xanth.

This morning you were going about your chores, minding your business, when the kings men rolled into town. As they rushed about the town and gathered up several people you tried to stay with your chores and mind your own business. But this proved difficult when two of the kings men suddenly approached you and requested you to comply with their demands. Now it seems you are being loaded into a carriage with several other young people from you village.

You bounce around in the carriage for several hours before it finally stops. The ride was quite and fearful, as everyone is to scared to even whimper. As the doors swing open you catch a glimpse of a green grassy expanse with a river running through it. But then a bag is shoved over your head and you are pulled, stumbling along.

After about twenty minutes of walking you are pushed to a stop and then pushed into a chair. A few more minutes go by as you hear shuffling about you. Then the bag is ripped off your head and you see that you are in a room with several other chairs and young people sitting in them. From the amount of young people in the room you guess that more than your village was pillaged. In front of you is an old man wearing a goofy grin.

"Welcome to my laboratory! You have all been brought here under false authority. The portly gentlemen that rounded you up were not the kings men! They were my own personal minions.

You have been gathered because I need subjects for my experiments. The experiment you will be participating in will be greatly informational! You see, I plan on making you enter the gourd world. Here you will be tested in numerous ways. But you see, the experiment is to see whether I can control the gourd world with this device here!"
The obviously crazy old man holds up a small device that looks similar to a corkscrew, but with a wheel and buttons on top.

The old man walks over to a gourd and screws the device into the gourd's eye hole. As it fits snugly onto the gourd the old man grasps the wheel and smiles.

"That should do it. Now I will hook these gourds up to this gourd and try to control them. All you need to do is submit yourself to the gourd world and act normally once you're inside." The old man smiles and plugs numerous lines into other gourds and then hands these gourds to you.

Whether under your own power or some unknown force each of you puts your eye to the gourd eye hole and are instantly transported into the gourd world.

Once in the world you notice a blank area with many people standing along the wall. The room is circular in appearance and big enough to fit all of you and the oddly dressed people. Each of the people along the wall of the room is dressed in a different outfit. Robes, sheets of metal, leather, fur, and numerous other materials make up the peoples outfits. As you look around you notice words on the floor.

"Please choose a individual that looks interesting to you." After reading the words you realize you are supposed to go talk to one of the many people along the wall. This must be the start of your gourd adventure.

For those that are new to Xanth: The books and Information on Xanth

For those interested in playing:
  • Races: Human Only
  • Classes: Any, but clear with me first
  • Books allowed: Any I have, which is alot, please ask

Crunchy Bits:
42 Point Buy
Max hp first level, roll every level afterwards
Starting level is 1st (Levels will be gained quickly)
Xanth talents will be rolled by me (Table I'm rolling from can be found here)
Applications can be submitted here

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