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  • Created Jul 14 '11
  • Last Post Sep 8 '11 at 9:08pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Deadlands

Game Description

The year is 1876, but the history is not our own….

The American Civil War rages on, neither side able to establish a clear advantage. California is shattered by the Great Quake of '68, a new super-fuel called ghost rock is revealed in the flooded channels and buried in the cliff faces that loom above. Powerful Rail Barons strive to be the first to complete a transcontinental railroad, and the Great Rail Wars exact a bloody toll on an American frontier divided between not only the Union and Confederacy, but the Sioux Nation, the Coyote Confederation, and the Mormon state of Deseret. Amid the chaos, fortunes can be made by those bold enough to make their way West. These brave souls have more than plain old human violence to contend with. Something's going on in the West, something downright nasty. Fear stalks the land like a hungry beast, and abominations from man's myths and nightmares haunt the High Plains. Legends tell of ancient and powerful beings that thrive on the fear created by these horrific creatures. All around, the night grows darker and the shadows grow longer as evil twists the land. Arrayed against the forces of darkness are the heroes of the Weird West: Grim gunslingers, spell slinging hucksters, brilliant mad scientists, and wizened Indian shamans stake their souls and fortunes on the battle against the evils of the frontier, and often lay down their very lives for the cause of righteousness and light. And sometimes, death is not the end. Welcome to the wierd west Amigo!

You and your posse are in the employ of one of the railroad companies fighting tooth and nail for each piece of track. Most people thought you were crazy to take this job, but you don't care. The pay is good, it's never boring, and if your company wins you can ride the wave to fortune and glory. Your job is to defend the workers, sabatoge the competition, and ensure that when the Great Rail Wars end, your team is on top.

I intend for this to be a somewhat sandboxy game. You'll have some tasks from the upper brass, but you have a free hand in the carrying out of those tasks. I'm also leaving the acual rail company you will be working for open for the moment, depending on what types of characters we have. However I'm limiting the choices to the following:

  • Union Blue - Rail Line backed by the US Government
  • Dixie Rails - Backed by the Confederacy, owned by General Robert E. Lee and managed by his nephew, Fitzhugh Lee.
  • Denver Pacific - A smaller rail company run by the Smith & Robards company. A mail order gadget company based out of Salt Lake City
  • Wasatch - Denver-Pacific's chief rival. Run by the famous Mad Scientist Dr. Darious Hellstrome

I plan to post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with some in between if necessary. I'm looking for 2-5 players starting out at Novice level.

We'll use the forum dice roller, but I'll maintain the action deck with an irl deck of cards. It's easier to do that than use some kind of online card dealer. No miniatures either, as that gets clunky in a PbP.

If your interested feel free to send me a short character concept and we can get rolling!

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