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  • Created Jul 17 '11
  • Last Post Sep 2 '11 at 12:26am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Wushu

Game Description

DescriptionMetatron, the city in the center of the multiverse. Founded by time-travelers who tried to visit the end of universe, the once lonely settlement has grown into a glistening metropolis thanks to a steady stream of dimentional outcasts.

It is said that here, dreams come true... but then again, so do nightmares.

For even now, The Void King builds his forces in preparation for the day that he reduices the city to oblivion...

...But I wouldn't worry about that, beacuse it's HYPERBOWL THURSDAY, the Australian-rules Omniball championship! Tonight, The Apature Science Astronomers are facing off the The Abstergo Paladins in the GREATEST GAME EVER! Yes sir-ree, break out the six-pack and chips, beacuse this looks like it's going to be a game to remember!

Here come the teams now! Oh wow, I haven't seen the Paladins make such a grand opening since '93! After all, those solid-gold Lamborghinis have got to be expensive. It guess they saved a ton of money on this sort of thing seeing how they won all of their games by default this season. I mean, what are the odds that every single team they played against had to drop out beacuse their players all caught a case of acute decapationitis?

And now comes the Philosophers! And boy can they put on a show! You might not be able to see them folks, but they're doing the dance from "Remember the Titans", and man do they know how to boogie! Apparently Apature spent seven trillion dollars cloneing Boaz Yakin just so he could teach them how to do the dance properly. Say, is it just me or is that blimp hanging a little low? Ah, never mind, it's time for the fireworks, courtesy of Abstergo! You have got to be there, folks, it really doesn't get any better than-

What the? Oh my god, it's on fire! It's falling! It' looks like it's heading right twoarsds the- oh the humanity! The Philosphers have all been killed in a firey explosion! Oh this looks like the end, folks! I can't bare to look any-

Wait, hold on... I've been given an update... Apature Science has just made a statement saying "The game must go on", and that they'd be willing to pay 60 dollars to anyone craz- I mean, BRAVE enough to step in for the missing players. I... can't really think of anyone who'd be that desperate, but hey, who knows? In any case, we'll be back after these messages.

MWAS is a crossover RPG running on Wushu, a free game system that rewards descriptive narration. The twist is that players have to be a character that they've played as in another RPG.

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